Lorem Keysum

The Lorem Ipsum keyboard for iOS. Saves you time when developing apps or mobile sites.

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Save Time

Quickly fill out text fields, text areas, and/or form fields during development or testing of your iPhone or iPad apps, or mobile web sites.

Preserve Your Autocorrect

Avoid messing up your phone's autocorrect behavior by repeatedly typing lots of gibberish text!

Simulate Real Content

Quickly generate large amounts of realistic content. Easily break the generated text into sentences and paragraphs. Delete a character or a word at a time.

Available Ipsums

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam massa dolor blandit.

Hipster Ipsum

Readymade hella XOXO trust fund health goth irony chillwave. Literally Raw Denim brooklyn street art fashion axe. YOLO mlkshk ethical tilde McSweeney's mixtape fixie Blue Bottle.

Developer Ipsum

Goto then float def static raise lambda extern char ifdef nil. If end lifo and peek throw unless puts i else hash. Cast car where struct map return join while let string.

“Lorem Keysum makes it fast and easy to fill in all these stupid text fields. Test, test, test!”

a QA Engineer, probably

“Lorem Keysum literally changed my life. I save hours every year with this amazing tool.”

iOS Developer Persona

“I've never been able to create good filler text but now I'm lorem loquacious! Thanks, Lorem Keysum!”

a fictional Web Developer
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